Watch how easy EPDM installation can be!

Cortex 0860 video - easy EPDM installation

Cortex 0860 Fully Adhesive Backed EPDM Membrane with guarantee you a quicker application making an easy EPDM installation! We are able to split the release liner to any width you require and add gaskets where needed. The benefits of Cortex 0860 BBA approved product Split Release Liner for easy application Excellent UV resistance Can be… Read More

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One Product, to cover all surfaces

Liquid Peelable Protection forms a durable protective skin to protect expensive glazing systems in just one product. It’s unique formula not only protects glass but the same coating can cover rubber gaskets and frames all with the same high level of protection and eliminates the costly process of replacing damaged glazing! The revolutionary protective coating… Read More

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Speedster – Speed up profile protection

Now you can enjoy increased output without the need for costly, space dependent equipment. Try Speedster – Speed up profile protection! Speedster’s unique design offers optimum application speed and the film is applied straight every time without wrinkles or bubbles. Speedster makes a clean cut finish thanks to our integral precision blades and comes with… Read More

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