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IN Stock In Place on time

Rapid distribution for on-site deliveries, only from Obex. At Obex, we know how time-critical your job is which is why we have extensive stock in-house and ready for speedy on-site deliveries. view our full product range >

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Cortex Ultimate Surface Protection

Cortext Ultimate Surface Protection - One Product to Cover All Surfaces

Benefit from up to 3 years of protection with Cortex Liquid Peelable Protection. This product forms a durable protective skin to protect expensive glazing systems, eliminating the costly process of replacing damaged materials!   Place enquiry now >     View the liquid peelable range >

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Speedster Custom Printed Protection Tape

Get noticed back on site with our Custom Printed Protection Tape! If you are already purchasing the Speedster Taping System, we can get your Speedster Tape custom printed too! It’s the perfect solution to advertise your company whilst protection your finished goods in storage or transit. Benefit from our FREE artwork visuals service Follow these… Read More

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