Exclusive Fire Rated solution!

Fire Rated Solution Range

Our core range has been designed to service the immediate requirements of contractors with products engineered to the highest standards, whilst our team continue to develop and expand this range to offer an extensive Fire Rated solution.

The Cortex Range includes

Cortex 0500FR Vapour Barrier Membrane

  • Highly UV resistant, watertight and airtight
  • Textured surface for maximum bond strength is achieved

Non-Combustible Breather Membrane & Fire Rated Pre-Moulded Corner

  • Designed to meet the highest levels of fire protection
  • Corners are easy to cut down to suit your window protection

Cortex 0771FR Paste Adhesive

  • Easy to apply, colourfast and UV resistant
  • Permanent elastic after curing and achieves a very good bond to most common building substrates

Fire Rated Solution product

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